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Graffiti Removal Southport & North West

Here at TEG, we offer a fully comprehensive and professional graffiti removal in Southport and the surrounding areas. Our graffiti removal service provides a cost-effective and efficient solution that helps to restore your property back to its original condition after a same-day visit from our experts. We understand the stress and worry that graffiti can cause to any business – regardless of the content – and that’s why we offer a fast-response service to avoid any negative first impressions of your business from the outside world. Call us today on 01704 607 706 to make an enquiry about graffiti removal.

Graffiti can happen at the most unexpected of times and can happen with or without a motive. Graffiti can be really damaging to the reputation of a business, especially if you’re on the high street or within visibility of thousands of passers by every single day. Thankfully, our graffiti cleaning specialists are able to permanently remove all content using high quality and environmentally friendly products.

Graffiti tends to happen on commercial or public buildings or infrastructures. Over the last decade, we have successfully removed graffiti from hundreds of buildings and helped to restore the inviting and positive first impression for all. Just a few of the types of buildings we have helped to remove graffiti from include the following;-

  • Bus stations.
  • Warehouses.
  • Factories.
  • Fire stations.
  • Sporting Facilities.
  • Hotels.
  • And many more!

We are fully equipped and have the experience of working on numerous surfaces including concrete, stone, metal, plastic and glass. The first step for removing graffiti is acting fast. The second step is hiring a professional graffiti removal company just like TEG – your local and total exterior solutions company. Pressure washing and jet washing is the most common way to permanently eradicate graffiti from woodwork and metalwork. The method chosen may depend on variable factors such as how deep the graffiti is and where it’s located. If jet washing isn’t enough to clear the graffiti, sandblasting may be used as an alternative. With all techniques used, we are very conscious of maintaining the conditions and aesthetics of the rest of the surface.

Chewing Gum Removal

As well as graffiti, chewing gum is something else that many commercial properties have to contend with. Chewing gum can quickly stick to commercial properties and surrounding areas or pavements and can present one of the biggest cleaning challenges. Chewing gum sets as rock hard in many cases as is extremely difficult to remove if only using conventional techniques. Fortunately, our team offers a dedicated and professional chewing gum removal service in Southport and we use the latest high pressure water jetting that blasts the gum off the pavement or building. If it’s necessary to do so, we can also introduce steam cleaning into the equation that helps to melt the chewing gums, therefore encouraging it to fall and be removed for good.

Why Choose TEG?

TEG have one decade of experience in performing graffiti and chewing gum removal services in Southport and throughout the North West. We understand that graffiti can create a long-lasting negative impression to potential customers that can be hard to reverse. By providing a fast-response service and using proven techniques to permanently remove graffiti, you’ll be able to stop worrying and start prospering once more. All staff that work for us offer 5-star customer service and perform all jobs to a high standard.

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If you’re looking for high-quality and cost-effective graffiti removal, look no further than TEG. As your total exterior solutions company, we can provide a fast-response service that you’ll be more than satisfied with. Get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 01704 607 706 or use our contact form.

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