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Exterior Cleaning Crosby

TEG offers a range of exterior cleaning solutions that are appropriate for both commercial and domestic properties. With over 10 years in the industry, our experience and knowledge lend themselves to completing all work to a high standard. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can clean anything from rendering, driveways, and gutters. If you are unsure as to what service will best suit your requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01704 607706 or use the contact form where we will be happy to help. 

Here at TEG, we offer a variety of services, our most popular ones are:

Driveway Cleaning Crosby

driveway cleaning crosby

Our highly reputable driveway cleaning service restores your driveway to its former condition and makes it look recently laid. We remove any large unwanted debris and clean the driveway no matter what the driveway material is. There is a wealth of benefits to having a clean driveway from reducing the risk of slipping and falling, increasing the curb appeal which can also result in increasing the value of your property.

Roof Cleaning Crosby

roof cleaning crosby

Here at TEG, we offer a full range of roof cleaning and treatments in Crosby and the surrounding areas. We strongly advise roofing to be kept in a good condition, this is primarily for your safety and for the integrity of your property. Leaking roofs can lead to structural damage, leaks, and falling tiles to name a few issues that could arise. With the help of our skilled and knowledgeable team, we can clean your roof to avoid the build-up of plants and moss which could lead to structural integrity.

Render Cleaning & Treatment Crosby

render cleaning ormskirk

Our render cleaning service removes unsightly moss, algae, and marks on your exterior walls without damaging the wall itself. We can apply our cleaning methods to most types of wall surfaces and over large areas. Giving the exterior of your property clean access through our rendering cleaning service is a great way to give your property a new lease of life and increase its curb appeal.

Pressure Washing Crosby

At TEG, we offer a pressure washing service that can clean most surfaces on the exterior of a property. This targeted approach to cleaning means we can clean specific and difficult-to-reach areas of your property. Due to the risks associated with pressure washing, we can assure you we work to the highest safety regulations and standards. Our pressure washing can be applied to driveways, building walls, and garden walls on commercial and domestic premises.

Gutter Cleaning Crosby

gutter cleaning near me

Gutter cleaning is often an essential activity to keep the drainage of water on your premises running through the pipework correctly. We have ladders and removal equipment to remove branches, leaves, and other debris, we also run water through the system after to ensure all pipes and gutters are clear. This service is best accessed annually however we would also suggest more often if you live in a wooded area.

Our full range of comprehensive cleaning services for the exterior of both domestic and commercial properties will leave your home or premises with a new lease of life. Below is a full list of the cleaning solutions we can offer in Crosby: 

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