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Roof Moss Removal Southport & North West

Roof moss removal in Southport & across the North West is another exceptional service that we provide at TEG – your total exterior solutions company. Do you need to get rid of moss on your roof tiles or your guttering system because of the multitude of problems that it’s currently causing you? If so, we urge you to get in touch with us today on 01704 607 706. Removing moss allows your roof to function properly and as a result, rainwater will run naturally like clockwork, off your roofing and along your guttering system.

Pressure washing is often the best method to get rid of all excess moss and algae that may be lingering upon your roof and around your guttering system. As moss can multiply rapidly, it’s important to hire a specialist just like ourselves to keep on top of the problem and to prevent further problems from happening. We are more than happy to take on commercial and larger domestic jobs for moss removal.

The Methods

Removing moss with a cleaning agent – Wherever it’s possible, we will avoid using a cleaning agent and go for the more natural method of roof cleaning and removing moss. However, cleaning agents are sometimes essential for removing moss from older roofing which many consist of handmade tiles or slates. Before we go ahead with this method, we will ensure that all of the roof is thoroughly cleaned.

Removing moss without a cleaning agent – This is the most ideal method for moss removal and is most commonly used on modern day roofing. A high-pressure cleaner is used that makes it much easier to remove moss and algae without too much effort at all. In some instances and where it’s possible to do so, dirt blasters may also be used.

Why Roof Moss Removal?

Many people are unaware of the problems that moss can cause. Despite the fact that it can damage the aesthetics of your property, it can also lead to structual problems and can be responsible for clogging up roofing and guttering systems. Naturally, rainwater trickles down from your roof along your guttering system. However, when masses of moss start to pile up and multiply, it can cause two problems; preventing rainwater from flowing into the gutter or blocking up the gutter and causing leaks internally. Furthermore, roof moss is also known for attracting insects and birds which can have detrimental impacts on the aesthetics and functionality of your roofing.

Why Choose TEG?

Here at TEG, we thoroughly understand the importance of choosing the right company to deal with your roofing cleaning and moss removal. When you choose TEG, you’re selecting a company with well over a decades worth of experience and hundreds of successful service completions. We like to think that we always go that extra mile for our customers and we even send you a reminder message the day before arrival as we understand life can get hectic!

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